Friday, November 7, 2014

American people to Obama, "WE WON"

Someone should tell the Emperor, he's wearing no clothes!

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Post Mid Term election....

American PEOPLE 
resoundingly issues this notice to

     Shortly after taking office following his 2008 Presidential victory, Barack Obama listened to Republicans make their case against his proposed wasteful stimulus package, during a meeting with congressional leaders.  His response, "I won."

      Following Tuesday's clobbering of Democrat candidates across this nation, one might believe, listening to Barack Obama's childish babbling, his party won, they are in command,  and today is simply business as usual.  "I have a phone, and I have a pen, and intend on having my way."  Voters be damned, American people and their silly demands...get screwed.  I'm on a mission, and no one dare attempt to stop me.

“There’s something in this guy that just plays to his constituency, and acts like there’s no other world out there." -- MSNBC Host Chris Matthews

     As voters in Florida are saying today, and should be loudly repeated for this narcissistic utopianist--SORRY CHARLIE.*  The survival of a great nation is far more important than your distorted ideological vision of what this land should look like, as you advance personal agendas demonstrating a total disregard for the people you swore to represent. 


     Obama's erroneous belief that he can carry on business as usual, using his so-called privilege to rule by 'executive decree,' is about to be significantly restrained. He is not a dictator.  For decades, our undisciplined leaders have been on a maddening spending spree, but no more evident than during this man's amateurish administration.  

     Following Tuesday's elections, the American people have reminded these arrogant show-offs, play the game by established rules, or pay the consequences.  Elections should not be interpreted as life time expense paid holidays, because at the end of the day, these stand-ins have only one legitimate obligation...representing the people, and spending their hard-earned resources wisely. 

     They, not you,  are legally accountable for this country's cracked piggy bank Mister President,  and not a single dime should be released to fund even one, of your reckless proposals deemed to bring further injury upon this nation's already crippled financial status.

     And, once again Mister Obama, the American people have spoken, and this time it is not all about you ("I won").....but as it always must be in a freedom loving nation, a majority of the voting public's message to you and your Progressive Democrat Party.....


.....and now, please go put on some clothes!

* Sorry Charlie -- Political party hopper, Charlie Crist, was defeated in his bid to retake the office of Governor in Florida as the Democrats candidate.  Crist had previously held that position as a Republican before leaving to stage an unsuccessful bid for U-S Senator, as an Independent.

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