Thursday, June 18, 2009

My prophecy

In 2006 this was the final entry at my former blog site known as 'Greenfire.' When I see and hear developments coming out of Washington, D.C. each and every day, I realize how prophetic I was when recording these thoughts:


History will always substantiate my opinions as prophetically brilliant.

United States Scandal

(Published December 6th, 2006 in Politics.)

When posting at this blog, there is a realization by your author that few, if any, will ever read my words. Actually, if my motivation was determined by this factor, there would be an eternal blank space at this site.

So why do I continue to post? To preserve my words and predictions and get on record for the days when I can say 'I told you so'. Easy to say, I said this or that on this or that date, but it is yet another statement when claims can be backed up by a chronicle of sorts. That is the purpose of this blog.

If one were to read my entries here over the past few years, I can boastfully say my record for on target predictions has been at least 85% correct.

So todays posting is just another such example. However, this will be a prediction of monumental proportions. And it is this..within the next few months stories will begin to appear on the internet, perhaps in blogs such as this, and then on to the main stream media (which is normally the journalistic progression these days) which will unfold the genesis of a nationwide scandal. Revelations will have history making results and lives of American will be affected by fallout from this scandal. It is my belief this has already begun to happen and sooner than we'd like, birth of this hot news will come pouring out with catastrophic results.

More as this begins to unfold..

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