Sunday, July 18, 2010

Legacy of the Barack Obama Presidency


Since day one of this man's Presidency, Barack Obama's prognosis has been force-fed to the American public as 'what is good for them.' He and his party of robotic minions have not let a day pass without reminding 300 million pathetic mindless individuals that, they (as law makers and life-changers) know better than the masses, and their medicine is the cure-all which has been withheld by countless numbers of administrators who arrived in Washington before them.

In reality, and in most instances, their diagnosis has resulted in long term pain and suffering for those disasters the wizards of wisdom will leave behind. What may appear as a dose of cherry-flavored goodness, unfortunately will most likely result in generations of innocent and over-burdened servitude citizens living in a deformed America with afflictions they did not ask for, and surely never deserved.

Let us all pray, this image is not America's future, thanks to the brilliance of
'a man who knows better for us!'

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