Friday, September 16, 2011

Dancing with a partner who doesn't know how to lead !!!!

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We are witnessing the dismantling of a machine, and break-down of a pathetic narcissistic man who may finally be realizing the powers which made him, apparently are equally talented at destroying him. At this point it appears Barack H. Obama will say anything to get re-elected as President of the United States.

Sadly he has not heard a very loud and clear message from the electorate to get his version of governing (which as each day passes, appears more and more to be leaning toward Socialism) out of the way and maybe then, problems in this country might begin to be solved.

Not only was Barack Obama not ready to be President, people in his own party are finally realizing the man was not qualified for this most important position, not only here in this country, but on the world's stage.

Being a self-professed 'news junkie,' I and many of my peers said, BARACK WHO? when he slipped to the line's front and his handlers delivered their own message declaring who actually is in charge of America when candidate selections are dictated. People like Bill and Hillary Clinton, have yet to recover after having the wind knocked out of them by this invisible sinister machine.

There are those who have suggested perhaps a shake-up in the main card is what is needed to ignite more interest in the Obama brand. Those going so far as to suggest, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton trading places, with the latter accepting the role of Vice President. After the butchery treatment Hillary Clinton received in 08, there is no way she will be caught dead playing second fiddle to Barack Obama. One must ask, 'why would Hillary want to dance with a partner who obviously doesn't even know how to lead!'

I have previously made the statement to several very close confidants, not only will Barack Obama not be re-elected for a second term as President of these United States, there are so many skeletons attempting to burst from his Administration's closet, it is highly possible he may not finish this one four year term.

Keep October 2nd somewhere in your notes. Probably not this October, but October 2, 2012 for perhaps an 'October Surprise' which will, without doubt be history making.

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