Thursday, January 19, 2012

The fairy tale is now complete !!!!

Manipulating anything and anyone is fair game for this guy when it comes to getting his sorry ass re-elected to complete his work at 'FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORMING THIS COUNTRY' whether we want it or not.

Literally hours before appearing here at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom, this man plunged a stake through the heart of a major project which could make the difference in lives of numerous Americans--namely rejecting the Keystone Oil Pipeline from Canada.

Today, he travels to Orlando, Florida and selects as his backdrop Cinderella's Castle at the Magic Kingdom to make an alleged major policy statement regarding tourism and rules easing entry into this country for that purpose.

The Orlando Florida market plays host to a reported 45 million guests a year, from all points of the globe. Quite frankly Mister Obama, I don't think attracting visitors to this country is a problem--whether we want them or not; arriving as legitimate tourists, or those who have in mind a more long termed and illegal resident status.


Wonder how the thousands of displaced visitors to Disney World are reacting to your decision to use the iconic castle as your back drop for political purposes? Even more astonishing is how his people focused special attention on re-locating the familiar statue of Walt Disney and his Mickey to a strategic position, assuring them to be in any camera target area. Anyone familiar with this special place knows where this statue is normally located and can understand my point.

Almost makes me want to tear up my annual pass to Disney. What a blatant display of pompous self-gratification! Must be good to be King, so why not have your very own castle !!!!

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