Friday, August 29, 2014

Cowardice, dishonor and ignorance are now labels proudly worn by the Republican Party.

Ronald Wilson Reagan
America's last honorable/patriotic President

    Actually, the Grand Old Party began its downward spiral the day Ronald Wilson Reagan passed the mantle of governing to his Vice President, George H.W. Bush.

                              George H.W. Bush
               Symposiarch of 'The New World Order"

     The current occupier of America's Presidential residence, armed with an arsenal of Executive Orders, many believe, is nothing less than treasonous to this nation, however, H-W Bush set the stage for Obama--hand-picked lackey, and the New World Order's  paradigm time-traveling-Socialist, who had all necessary ingredients qualifying him to deliver a final knock-out punch, for what now is viewed by alert patriots as the systematically planned destruction of this nation.

     Reading his lips wasn't necessary.  Words which flowed from the lips of this Bush, were cold and calculated when he confidently announced his vision of a NEW WORLD ORDER: 


     Following this subversive declaration, it was a relatively simple journey, arriving perhaps a few years later than anticipated, but for these manipulative conspirators, patience has become a standard modus operandi

     Former Senator, Joe Biden described him--Barack H. Obama, as "...the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.  I mean, that's a storybook, man."  In other words, the perfect puppet to rally minorities (of all colors), fascists-in-waiting, and of course, generations of guilt-ridden Caucasians finally given an opportunity to 'right-the-wrongs' of, what they were brain-washed into believing, were reflections of their racist ancestors

"The Ugly-- transformational town-crier"
     This magical pill was easy to swallow when Obama confidently promised to not only CHANGE THIS COUNTRY, BUT CHANGE THE WORLD--finally H.W. Bush's bone-chilling vision fulfilled: 
     'Cowardice, dishonor and ignorance,' previously reserved labels proudly worn as a badge of honor by a subservient Democratic party, are perhaps more aptly applied to the likes of current leaders of that once, Grand Old Party.

      If these imposters truly were off-spring of honorable and authentic patriots like Ronald Reagan, they would have stepped up to the plate and challenged Obama on every lie as soon as it left his stuttering lips.  And although this 'preacher of the people' is perpetually promising to punish the wealthiest few among us, by redistributing their supposed ill-gotten riches, he himself is their subservient broker, and relishes the perks showered upon him and his family, just as his predecessors basked in the rays of their lying promises of a Utopian society--that NEW WORLD ORDER.

      Instead of standing against such blatant tyranny, the so-called 'New Republicans' have joined ranks with a veneered ideology wholesaled as Democracy, but rather has progressively morphed into what is 'the new world order' George H.W. Bush so proudly announced to a naive and innocent citizenry.  

     And unless sleeping Americans are awakened, and if it is not already too late, Capitalism and freedom, hand-in-hand, will experience a slow and painful death--recipients of tombstones, right alongside others once thought infallible and indestructible... societies like Athens and Rome.


For God's Sake

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