Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Someone should have informed us that Planned Parenthood "Baby-Killers," are simply "supplying a service." That changes everything!

     ORANGE, CA, May 13, 2014 (– An elderly pro-life protester standing in front of a California abortion facility was threatened with physical violence by a Planned Parenthood employee, according to a new video posted online.
The video shows a man, whom the people who filmed it identify as an abortionist, screaming at a man outside the entrance of the Orange Health Center, located at 700 South Tustin Street in Orange, California.
“Don't f---ing yell at me when I'm driving through the f---ing thing,” the man says, “or someday I'm gonna get out and sock you in the f---ing face!”                                                                                         .
    You Tube:  LJ

     These 'BABY KILLERS' get so testy when questioned about their unique trade.  Suppose we Conservatives might take a lesson from the ever tolerant Liberals and follow their lead next time they so casually label us as RACISTS!

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