Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Racial brow-beating does not equate intelligence, or class

Have the Obamas' worn out their welcome?

     If Michelle Obama, and a host of other pampered Black Americans would pause for one moment, remove those chips from their shoulders, and begin looking at EVERYONE in this country as backbone, rather than ghetto ghosts, maybe we, as a country, could finally emerge from the racial divide THEY constantly create.

     Any of these American children could have been my ancestors Mrs. Obama.....

.....And no, they are not members of some black minstrel show from another era in this country's history.  That is not grease paint slathered over their faces, in some sort of mockery of the black race.  These are the children who many historians described as Slaves in this nation's coal country. Yes, slaves, no less than black kids picking cotton alongside their parents in the Southern fields of America.

     Where is your sensitivity toward these children Mrs. Obama?  In your world they never existed.  Many insulted '(insert nationality)-Americans' have every right to believe...In Barack and Michelle Obama's world, abused non-black children, were  nothing more than fantasies created in the minds of rich, upper-class white story tellers in this country.

     Susan Rice, one of your husband's many go-to-gals, apparently believes Americans occasionally must be reminded that, yes indeed..."Black Lives Matter."

“The greatest evil in omitting or misrepresenting Black history, literature, and culture in elementary or secondary education is the unmistakable message it sends to the black child. The message is ‘your history, your culture, your language and your literature are insignificant. And so are you."
     In my way of thinking, and a majority of most Americans who have a deep-seeded love for this country Mrs. Obama, if Black History was 'misrepresented' by anyone in this freedom-loving nation, it came from minds such as yours.  Nobody, but people from your world, actually believed black children's 'language and literature were insignificant'... certainly no less than those children working under unimaginable conditions in the nations coal mines.

     If anyone is owed an apology Mrs. Obama, it would be those children, who later contracted medical maladies and succumbed from conditions inflicted upon them by their 'masters' of that ugly period in our country's history.

     Living in your world, you and those in your circle of affluent friends and family, should today recognize the memory of these Americans who actually contributed to building this great nation. 

    These children, and their mostly immigrant parents, asked for,  and expected NOTHING.  Being 'an American,' was the honor and privilege of a life time.  Some today, your husband included, often refers to the fruits of their labor as 'white privilege.' 

     This fact quite possibly is beyond your comprehension, but even if 'government assistance' was available during that dismal period, these people were too proud to wander aimlessly, whining about their lives, and looking for some sort of trinket hand-out. 

     Unfortunately,  for this past generation of American kids, words of praise will probably never cross your lips, because these people.....

  .....were really insignificant to you, Susan Rice, and your 'black-privileged' clique.

     But really, that's okay with me also, because in their world.....


.....You too, would have been quite insignificant! (But welcomed, to join them at their table, sharing what little they had, despite the color of your skin).

are ALL Americans.....
Care to join us?

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