Saturday, May 21, 2016

Mrs. Stewart Boxer should have made a 3 AM phone call to her son-in-law's sister, Mrs. Bill Clinton, if she felt so threatened.

     Mrs. Stewart Boxer, better known to a few of her Liberal California minions who might give a damn, as Senator Barbara Boxer, in a recent interview says she feared for her life when 'booed' at the Nevada Democratic Convention.

     Boxer's disrespect for her son-in-law's sister's (Mrs. Bill Clinton)  only challenger for the Democrat Presidential nomination, was on full display, when she referred to the demonstrators as 'Sander's supporters.'  Please Mrs. Stewart Boxer....Bernie Sanders worked 'so hard' to own the title of 'Senator.'  The least you could do, is refer to the Gentleman from Vermont by his deserved title....'Senator Bernie Sanders.'

                                                                       You Tube:  RightChange

     Obviously the preceding video was a parody of what actually transpired during a Senate Committee hearing.  However, the condescension from the REAL Mrs. Stewart Boxer was no less insulting, and arrogant towards this top ranking military witness.  We only present the actual session as it unfolded, in the interest of accuracy and fairness towards Mrs. Stewart Boxer.

                                                                     You Tube:  fab4bear     

     Now back to Boxer's 'near death experience,' as shared with an  interviewer, “I feared for my safety and I had a lot of security around me. I’ve never had anything like this happen.”

                                                                                                            You Tube:  CNN
     This entire incident oozes with elitist self importance.  Mrs. Boxer's daughter is married to Mrs. Bill Clinton's younger brother Tony Rodham.  And as we are all well aware, Mrs Bill Clinton is beyond qualification in the area of security.  

     One might simply reflect on the lightning fast speed in which she engaged when called upon to provide security at an under siege US compound in Benghazi Libia.  Just ask her Ambassador Chris Stevens, and the other three American's involved in that tragic attack......Oh, wait.....You can't...

      So, looking at the bigger picture Mrs. Stewart Boxer should be thankful she "had a lot of (private) security around her."  One can only imagine what might have happened to Mrs. Boxer if those fanatical, ah...Senator Bernie Sander's demonstrators (who probably were only out for a walk, and decided to throw a few chairs) actually broke through security lines and managed to come within throwing-distance.  Besides, at this point in time, and in the words of Mrs. Stewart Boxer's son-in-law's sister,  Mrs. Bill Clinton:

                                                                     You Tube:  TheZedo999

UPDATE:  If your happen to be interested in why attendees at the Nevada convention were so pissed, you might want to view the following video, before it is pulled from You Tube:

                                                            You Tube:   JayVTV Versace

                      WHAT DIFFERENCE 
    DOES IT MAKE.....

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