Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Imagine...a 'D-Day' without MEN

World War II

June 6, 1944



Just another Day at the Beach

     This information is not designed to denigrate women, and their vital role during the Normandy D-Day invasion during World War II. Women (Nurses) arrived four days after the initial invasion as members of field and evacuation hospitals.

     Without women participation, who can say how many more brave men taking part in the Normandy Beaches invasion would have died as a result of wounds as they rushed the shores.

     But, Liberal Women Militants, identical twins of Liberal 'Men' Militants (see LGBTXYZMTV), hardly ever seem satisfied with accepting the importance of their shared responsibilities in a 21st Century world. A perfect example can best be illustrated using the Normandy Beaches Invasion as outlined above.

     Just a few years ago, a photo depicted Women Invaders, landing side-by-side to their male counterparts. 

    This photograph was snapped on January 15, 1945 (Seven months after D-Day) and was taken in the French Riviera area of Southern France, not the Normandy region of Northern France. *

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