Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Explosions rip through crowds at Boston Marathon--3 Dead, numerous injuries, many critical

Call me cynical, but .....
We've been down this road too many times in the past with 
this crowd!
     And before I'm publicly stoned for suggesting, God forbid the Liberals might take advantage of this tragedy to further its agenda, we are in NO WAY implying any association with what took place in Boston on Monday.  However, we also are aware, when tragic events occur in this country, Liberals have a tendency to display an almost ghoulish inclination to accomplish what might otherwise be labeled impossible.  Word to the wise,

Watch the Other Hand
     As featured in a January opinion piece at http://beforeitsnews.com
     "The left-wing agenda has been imposed incrementally and with a great deal of subterfuge because few people are wacky and/or evil enough to truly support it. That’s why with Democrats, you always have to watch the other hand. The government–media access has exploited Sandy Hook to make a big push to disarm us, understandably sending patriotic Americans into a rage. Meanwhile, liberals prepare to inflict damage elsewhere that cannot be reversed."*
Watch the Other Hand
"Boston Terror Delays Senate's Immigration Hearing, but Not Bill"**

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