Thursday, July 4, 2013

If we can contribute in any small way to pissing off the so-called Grand Ayahtolah Kohmanie...we're there!

     Scanning through the pages of our latest print copy of Al Arabiya TV the other day, an article seemingly out of place in this publication caught our attention.
     According to this piece, "Whenever, wherever” Colombian singer Shakira is seen, fans usually get quite excited. This week however, the singer created a different kind of buzz.
     Iran’s state TV on Wednesday was attacked by critics after broadcasting a glimpse of Shakira in the crowds during the Spain-Italy match in Brazil last week.

     Here comes the obscene portion of this story, so for those minors in the room, we ask that you now leave until this filth has been aired!

     The Al Arabiya piece continues, "She had been wearing what was deemed by Iranian hardliners as a revealing top, which showed her bare arms."

     With all due respect to the writers of this pile of sub human crap.  Why all the niceties when referring to these misfit freaks, otherwise described by you as 'Iranian hardliners.'  Leftists of the world are ultra-vocal in their criticism  of the Catholic Church's handling of its pedophile priest  problems.  Why do these perverts get a pass?

     Writing their words as if these guidelines should be common knowledge throughout a CIVILIZED world, the article continues, "Women in Iran are prohibited to attend national football matches with men." Ignorant us...after all, who hasn't been stuck in a third century distorted dogma dilemma at some point in their otherwise pointless life?

     And for those rare instances when these Neanderthals test waters outside their prehistoric caves and allow vulgar glimpses of Western culture, they absolutely must "stand by rules stipulating that Iranian women shown on Iran's state television should have a hijab that covers their hair, arms and legs."
     We play our game by a different set of rules in the civilized world.  That being said, we dedicate this outstanding video of that most vivacious and voluptuous creature--SHAKIRA--to all those anomalous side-show Iranian Hardliners, especially the grand wizard himself--the head honcho--the Grand Ayahtolah Kohmanie.    ENJOY!      

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