Thursday, July 11, 2013

The fix is in -- "Vee have your records madam, your worship, judge lady"

Do we stand alone in the forest getting the strangest feeling, as the Zimmerman murder trial is winding down--and appears the prosecution blew it, perhaps that Judge-lady got a midnight phone call--unidentified voice on the other end reminding her they are in possession of every move she has ever made since Reagan popped his first jelly bean?!
No doubt in our mind,
the attitude of this judge has pleased countless observers, including
Eric Holder, her sister Candy Crowley, and of course it goes without saying, happiest indeed is Travon Martin's self-anointed dad
 ....and for a final fourth down, last second play,  prosecutors want the Jury to Consider 3rd-Degree Murder Based on Child Abuse???  Reaction of Zimmerman's defense team.....

     “Oh my God. Just when I thought it couldn’t get more bizarre, the state is seeking third-degree murder based on child abuse? Is the court going to give this any serious contention or consideration, because if so we have a lot of talking to do.”

     Defense Attorney Don West continued, “Obviously he (the prosecutor) has spent hours, if not days, if not in fact maybe more than a year plotting for this moment when he can spring it on us and the court,” West said. “Somewhere we wondered why the state would put this vague allegation in the information that Trayvon Martin was 17. No other charge of child abuse, no evidence of anything other than this statement that Trayvon Martin was a minor, 17 years old.”
 UPDATE: Judge denies request.

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