Monday, February 10, 2014

Obama CANNOT make Congress irrelevant.....Congress IS irrelevant, because they have allowed an 'irrelevant community organizer' to bully them into submission

     Why continue beating around the proverbial bush regarding Barack Obama's brazen unauthorized superiority over Congress. Alleged Liberal pundits and talking heads love to pour salt in the American public's many chronic wounds by saying the Republican Congress is now officially irrelevant.

     Using the vernacular of the street folks--they simply have been neutered--
     This is one life-long Republican who is no longer willing to carry water for a party which refuses to fight for America's survival.
     Where have you witnessed even ONE challenge to this shameless latent tyrant who continues to poison everything which is good about America!  Oh, you see this Congressman and that Representative clawing their way in front of Fox New cameras, using threatening words, extolling the abuses of this President and 'how he has over-stepped his authority'--using his executive prerogative to further the Progressive movement.

     A real crusader for the American people would not suggest what Obama could do with his 'pen and phone,' but offer to assist in the execution of inserting said objects, if he did not begin respecting the Legislative branch of our government.  (The People) 

 Barack Obama was not elected to WRITE THE LAWS of this country.  His positions as President is to act on laws submitted to him by the Congress.  Congress is representative of the people...they were sent (elected) to Washington to do the work OF the people.  Unfortunately, this Republican controlled Congress cannot, or perhaps will not even accept that responsibility, but simply walks away with their tails between their legs every time this usurping President calls them out as the pathetic sniveling little runts they have become.

     The cynical side of me wants to say, Americans no longer deserve freedom, however a flicker of optimism tells me, there will always be freedom-loving men who will never lick the boots of an Aristocracy, such as the one we have blindly allowed to be created in this country.

     John Adams, a so-called founding father, probably got it when he wrote a friend, prophetically stating, "No nation under Heaven ever was, now is, nor ever will be qualified for a Republican Government, unless you mean ... resulting from a Balance of three powers, the Monarchical, Aristocratical, and Democratical ... Americans are particularly unfit for any Republic but the Aristo-Democratical Monarchy."*

            Democrats and Republicans alike--
                You only get, what you deserve.

     This is what your arrogant child-president thinks of you America....President Obama "quipped" today during a visit to Monticello with the French president, "That's the good thing as a President, I can do whatever I want." **

(Please read about the American Monarchy at History Today, which can be accessed by clicking on the highlighted link provided above)

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