Friday, February 7, 2014

Valerie Jarrett should follow Jerry Seinfeld's lead when answering criticism from the Congressional Black Caucus.

     Whining liberal black lawmakers are once again challenging President Obama to fill vacant judgeship positions with people who are 'not more qualified,' but rather those who 'look a little more like them.'
Valerie Jarrett
     Meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus this past week, Obama's mouthpiece (others believe it is the other way around) Valerie Jarrett, some might surmise, pulled a 'Jerry Seinfeld' on the perpetually disenchanted bellyachers.  Although the comedian was responding to complainers that his comedy show lacks a balance of blacks and whites, Jarrett could very well have given the same response to the The CBC, simply by substituting the word COMEDY with QUALIFIED.
Buzz Feed Brews (clip in its entirety can be viewed at)
     Despite their usual diversity gripes, Jarrett reportedly fired back that she Obama has a 'commitment to diversity.'  

     The bottom line appears to reveal likely motivation of outdated groups such as the Congressional Black Caucus.  The name itself is 'insulting,' to quote a recent comment by another member of a diversity pack, Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor.  (Sotomayor, herself a much heralded minority appointment to the nation's highest court, was commenting on 'people being here in the United States illegally, as being labeled "criminals,"  As if 'illegal and criminal' are somehow segregated from one another). 

     Last time we checked, a group trademarked with a title like Congressional 'White' Caucus certainly would have been banished from the 1960's sanitized halls of America's Capitol.   But not in today's 'everyone who does not see issues our way, are most certainly raging racists!'
Congressman (D) David Scott

     Georgia Congressman David Scott  shares his own distorted view, making comparisons between the current President (who happens to be half black) and the previous President (who happened to be half Protestant, or something).  Scott reasons, “Do you think George Bush would have been able to do this, or any white president would have been able to do this? No,” Scott said. “The president should have said, ‘There’s absolutely no way I want to go down in history as putting these kinds of people into federal court nominations against my own African-American [people]’ ... It’s a tragedy.”*

     If a Congressional White Caucus did exist, they might be offended by Congressman Scott's return to those pre-integration days of the '60s and realize how ridiculous and insulting his own comments are, not only to American Caucasians and African Americans, but to everyone who slips his empty-pocketed pants on in the morning, and views himself in a mirror as someone no longer living in an affirmative action society.  A color blind America where the shade of one's skin does not over-shadow the quality of one's abilities and productivity.

     Besides, if Congressman David Scott actually stared a bit more intensely at his own image in a mirror, he might realize he is not among members of the exclusive millionaire's club within those hallowed halls of law-writers.  In other words Congressman Scott, we might point out to you....perhaps you are not 'their kind of people either.'  Before exiting, be certain to pick up your personal complimentary copy of a 'new kind of handbook' for the 2014 class of the Congressional Black Caucus.
Lawrence Otis Graham

     "Debutante cotillions. Million-dollar homes. Summers in Martha's Vineyard. Membership in the Links, Jack & Jill, Deltas, Boule, and AKAs. An obsession with the right schools, families, social clubs, and skin complexion. This is the world of the black upper class and the focus of the first book written about the black elite by a member of this hard-to-penetrate group." ** (our added emphasis)



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