Thursday, July 17, 2014

Don't get pissed off at Airlines for your high priced ticket--The Federal Government's take is way higher, than those greedy corporations providing the service....AND IT IS ABOUT TO GET MUCH WORSE.

     "TSA Fee Hike Will Be Used to Pay Down Federal Deficit"
-- NBC News

     The fee you pay for the privilege of being groped by a perfect stranger is about to soar.  But before you get a false sense of added security, maybe you should take a closer look at yet another Federal Government deception leveled against American consumers.

          According to a report from NBC news, "Starting next week, air travelers will pay more when they fly. But the money won't necessarily go to improve airport security.

     The government is hiking the mandatory security fee put in place after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks to fund the Transportation Security Administration. The fee originally had been pegged at $2.50 per leg of a connecting flight, capped at $5 per one-way trip. The new fee will be a flat $5.60 per one-way trip — that is, if you take direct flights or have layovers on domestic flights no longer than four hours."

     But here's the catch, "Passengers will end up paying over a billion dollars more per year in added fees.....(however) most of the money from increased fees will be going to help the government work off the deficit as mandated by Congress.....The NBC report continues, “In accordance with Federal Law, the revenue generated from the security fee will be deposited in the general fund of the Treasury. The revenue is to be used to offset TSA costs for providing civil aviation security services, after stipulated amounts are applied to reduction of the federal deficit.”                                 
                   "Passengers will end up paying over 
             a billion dollars more per year in added fees"

     Just last week, President Barack Obama asked the American people to dig us deeper into the national debt black hole, by shelling out nearly 4 Billion dollars for a band aid to help defray daily mounting expenses for illegals entering our country across the Southern border. The this instance, the United States of America, is bleeding out because of a politically motivated concocted scheme, and a band aid seems to be this doctor's advice.  The requested 4 billion dollars obviously being tossed into the bottomless black hole.                                        

     Shaking down American airline passengers for a billion dollars a year to cover this Administrations spending addiction, for whatever the daily emergency, can be described as nothing short of 'criminal.'  

     Returning to the NBC report, “It’s a huge money grab and we’re against it,” said Sharon Pinkerton, senior vice president at Airlines for America, the trade group representing most large airlines. (continue reading the full NBC report here:

     Everyone seems to be more than eager to jump on board when criticizing the Airline industry when an occasional ticket price edges upwards,  however upon closer inspection (little TSA lingo) it becomes perfectly clear, the bad guys apparently are not those providing the service.

     According to this graphic at Airlines for America's website, the airlines are last to drop a few coins into shareholder's pockets.

     For additional information regarding this subject, visit  Airlines for America website here:

     And if by some strange chance, you are living in the government's world of fantasy, and believe this tax (and make no doubt about what this is) is only temporary, allow us to bring you back to reality with a few of the more familiar examples of TEMPORARY TAXES.

     Johnstown Flood Emergency Tax
(enacted 1936)
Cigarette Tax
(enacted 1951)
California Earthquake Tax
(enacted 1989)
and last but certainly not least.....
Personal Income Tax*
(enacted...determined by your State of residence)
There is a name for people like you
Mr. & Mrs. American taxpayer, but
'visuals' always seems to be much more effective. 

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