Thursday, July 2, 2015

Obama wants new 'SOFT-LOOK' uniforms for cops

     'National Sheriffs’ Association President Danny Glick took offense to President Obama’s recommendation that American law enforcement wear “soft look” uniforms during large protests.'  This, according to a report at The Daily Caller website.

     "The respect factor between law enforcement and this administration has eroded to the point that it has been recommended by them that we need to ‘soften our uniforms’ to be more acceptable to the public we serve,” Glick said during his speech to sheriffs attending the association’s annual summer conference Thursday night. He brought out a tan Kevlar vest with a fuzzy boa attached to the straps of the vest and a red target on the back." Full story here:

     Considering events unfolded before us the past few days, perhaps the following suggested police uniform suggestions might be more in line with thinking of Obama, and his horde of drama queeninitis-like advisers.

Female law enforcement officers will be encouraged to continue wearing garb,  introduced at the outset of the 
Obama Administration.


Interesting off shoot to this story.  Unnamed source says, if when
Hillary Rodham assumes the office of commander in chief, the above uniform will be standard wear for ALL law enforcement officials--NATIONWIDE.

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