Sunday, September 6, 2015

Some Political and Religious World leaders, preaching 'global warming,' are getting people killed

The ugly reality of their NEW WORLD ORDER going insanely wrong--or is this what they intended all along?

      The lifeless body of this innocent 3 year old, should be Planet Earth's 21st century poster boy for the thousands of asylum-seekers  dying each day, as millions around the globe try to escape the destruction and occupation of their homeland by barbarians hiding behind a shield of a perverted religion.
Lifeless body of 3-year-old Aylan Kurdi
     Not to worry though, because in a few short weeks, Pope Francis will travel to the United States,  pandering not so much to his Christian flock in this nation, but perhaps more to America's Marxist politicians--Democrats and Republicans alike, joined together at their hip in support of a Peter Pan role player running around like a chicken-little town crier warning whoever will listen, that in 10,000 years the Earth's temperature will rise by 1, one-millionth of one degree, while at the same time fellow humans are being slaughtered by monsters known as ISIS.

"What kind of leaders would put 
politicized global warming ahead of human life?"
-- Judi McLeod, Canada Free Press

     To answer that question America, look no further than your own guilty conscience.
      According to Judi McLeod at Canada Free Press, "Both Obama and the pope are using global warming alarmist as a cover to hide their failure to date, confronting the wholesale slaughter of Christians by radical caliphate-seeking Islamist and the orchestrated exodus flooding illegal immigrants across the porous borders of Europe and the United States.

     Count on them both telling you that welcoming the ‘refugees’ of Muslim countries is “the Christian thing” to do.

"What kind of leaders would put politicized global warming ahead of human life?"

     Mcleod continues, "The Marxist ideal of redistribution of wealth, the Fundamental Transformation of America, the UN’s Utopian dream for one world government all need the guilt of the individual to complete societal ruin. 

     Pomp and ceremony notwithstanding,  the pope and president will fail because they are ideologues, not leaders;  ideologues who can not possibly change the world without first changing you."
  Read Mcleod's entire article here:

           Meanwhile, "Aylan Kurdi's family was among the millions dead or on the run from the Islamic State’s continuing campaign of destruction in Syria and Iraq.

    But, at least until the next horrific image comes along, Aylan is the most powerful symbol of the conflict that has engulfed the region."1

         And please don't waste your time pointing these ugly facts out to the likes of Barack Hussein Obama and Jorge Mario Bergoglio.  They are both preoccupied comparing notes, and slapping one another on the back, bragging about their successes in a futile quest to save this Planet from an overload of contaminated pixie dust, and maybe even a sinister Captain Hook.

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