Thursday, December 10, 2015

Shouldn't be a problem getting a petition banning a 'few Brits' from visiting 'the Colonys' either

We have a name all you 'Brits' jumping on the 'ban Trump petition' bandwagon should recognize..... 

Lee Rigby*


  "Petition to ban Trump from UK passes 300K, could be debated in Parliament"--CNN Politics (See below)


 Petition signers You might consider bringing order to your own house before condemning someone for his apparent belief that, It is 'Better to err on the side of caution', rather than risking the lives of innocent American citizens. 

Following the Presidential Election in 2016,
Americans might choose this.....

However, simply because
Sperm meets Egg,

"Hilarity Ensues"

London (CNN)A petition calling for Donald Trump to be banned from entering the UK has attracted more than a quarter of a million signatures -- more than enough for a committee to consider sending the motion for parliamentary debate.
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