Thursday, December 3, 2015

American Kids have been Hijacked by the Democrat 'Cult.' ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

     The National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers have already thrown the support of their members, numbering in the millions, behind the front running Democratic Party candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

     This in itself comes as no surprise to anyone, because the nation's teacher's unions have been in bed with the Democrat Cult for decades.  Taking this into consideration, is there any wonder why America's public school children are being force-fed a false, left-leaning version of this country's history.  Ask any 2nd grader who the 'best Presidents' have been in America's history, and probably the top three names, not surprisingly will be Kennedy, Clinton and Obama.

     This answer should come as no surprise, because the teachers asking that question were also indoctrinated by their instructors to believe, the only real Presidents who helped the American people, were Democrats--because, of course, Democrats are for the 'common people,' and those nasty Republican only care about giving our money to their rich friends.  So, the people you entrust your children's education, are giving their blessing to Hillary Rodham Clinton, knowing full well, this woman is currently being investigated by the F.B.I. for making materially false statements to federal officials regarding her private e-mail system.

     Allow that thought to sink in.....Mrs. Clinton's future at this time is in the hands of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, facing criminal charges, and the 'educators' you turn your children over to on a daily basis, are playing the 'slap-them-on-the-back-good-old-politics' game, only because the woman has a 'D' before her name.  Even if Hillary Clinton is indicted on federal charges, you can be certain that these, and a majority of the nation's unions will steadfastly support her and the cult she represents, regardless of the truth.

     Parents have literally stuffed their kids in the back of the bus, in favor of supporting a political party which today can only be described as a CULT.  When you place the interests of a political party before the best interests of your child, perhaps the time has come for you to search your soul for what evil has delivered you to this dark corner of society.

     “The Founder’s grand experiment is being put at risk by liberal progressive ideologues intent upon creating a citizenry ignorant of its real history, but indoctrinated to hate its country, its history and those who founded it. Enemies of free government have always understood this simple truth (that informed people are harder to fool) and have tried to recast history to lead the next generation to believe as they do. They know they can shape the policies of today and tomorrow by creating a past of their own.” 
                                                                    -- David A. Keen, Washington Times July 21, 2014*


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