Monday, November 30, 2015

Swedish King says the 'Royals' are doing everything they can, "trying to save energy at the Palace." Meanwhile, the masquerade shindig goes on as scheduled in Paris.

     The 69-year-old King-- Carl XVI Gustaf, says in addition to using an electric powered 'car' to make his way through the busy streets of Stockholm, the monarchs are always searching for ways to save energy.

BULLETIN.....Monarch discovers taking a shower requires less water than a bath.

      The ‘green king’ told Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet: ‘We do what we can here at the palace. It’s an ongoing project trying to save energy, but it isn’t easy in an old property. The Swedish king’s residence has been made greener with environmentally-friendly heating and low-energy light bulbs.*

     Which "Palace" is he referring to? 

Where the 'Royals' actually
can scratch where it itches live

The 'little countryside cottage'

Kina Castle
Known as the Chinese Pavilion in English
 (No one really lives here, but just like a Motel 6,
they'll 'keep the lights on.'  Energy saving bulbs, of course)

THIS PALACE? Yes....really. This IS a palace.
 (Probably requires more than a couple 'piggy-tail-light-bulbs' to illuminate this monstrosity, but hey they are cheaper when you purchase by the trainload.

     We really shouldn't go so hard on King Gustav, because by our count, there were at least 150 other ENERGY ABUSERS, lavishly wined and dined in Paris this week, all in the name of   "SAVING THE PLANET."  

We kid you not....these arrogant and pompous fools, subjected poor mother earth to more contamination,  gathering together for their lavish masquerade shindig, than the price of feeding thousand of starving Ethiopians for six months.  (And that price tag includes Christmas gifts of world-circulated American surplus fruit cakes dating back to the last century).

     We normally find ourselves preaching to gullible Americans, but ever since this madness of Elitist World Warming has gone global, there is no denying, the entire world population has apparently fallen victim to the influence of covert mass hypnosis and mind control.

     Look no further than a fellow by the name of Adolph Hitler.  He was a master at using these techniques.  Fast forward to today's mass hysteria climate doomsday town criers,  and you have complete deception of of a world population by those who wish to multiply their riches, unfortunately on the backs of those who they believe have been placed on this earth to serve their insatiable desire for power.

     Perhaps we are at the crossroads of history, where we (the world population) must choose between providing for our families, or continuing to supply the never ending demands for low-energy light bulbs by the pampered Monarchs and  wannabe Royals of a slandered Mother Earth.




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