Sunday, January 24, 2016

Hillary's unfair advantages--Makeup and Photo Enhancement (Time to turn back the clock for Bernie)

You've all seen those newspaper and magazine doctored photographs of Hillary Clinton, carefully manicured to make the 68 year old grandma appear as a thirty-some year old babe, obviously motivated by a desire to make Hillary more appealing to a mind-altered, and naive millennial voting block. 

In the interest of fairness for her number one opponent, Bernie Sanders, we are leveling the playing field, and offering our version of equal time for 

 If all the planets align, and Bernie Sanders is able to sway the millennial's vote, and by some freak of nature, does capture the Democratic (cult's) Presidential nomination.  Where do Republicans go for a new block of voters?

 Well, Republicans might still have a chance of winning a few
'future Latino votes'
Approach with caution.....Language Alert

OH WELL.....


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