Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Obama and Sanders meeting at White house today. Is the FBI about to 'go public' regarding it's recommendation for an indictment of Hillary Clinton?

Obama, Sanders to meet at 

White House on Wednesday

              President Barack Obama reportedly will meet with Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders at the White House today, Wednesday.
     "The two will meet privately in the Oval Office and there will be no formal agenda," White House spokesman Josh Earnest said.

     Sanders, a Vermont senator and self-described democratic socialist, is challenging former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination for the November presidential election.*

Political insiders believe that FBI threats may be forcing Obama to give the Department of Justice a go ahead to indict Hillary.  "The FBI is just about ready to recommend an indictment on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over her private email scandal and is prepared to make the details of its investigation public if the attorney general refuses to pursue the case." **
     We recently commented on the FBI's pivotal role in any final decision on Hillary Clinton's continued political/Presidential aspirations. "Even though, this law enforcement agency supposedly remains politically sterile, its parent organization (The Justice Department) is a dumping ground for lap dog political appointees, whose day-to day-allegiance is joined at the hip, with whichever political party currently rules the roost at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue." 

     With the departure of Barack Obama now less than a year away, political hacks employed at the Justice Department will soon be a faded memory.  But the FBI and it's reputation will live on, and many observers believe, they are not ready to sacrifice the credibility of that agency for the 'likes' of Hillary Rodham Clinton, and her husband (Impeached former President William Jefferson Clinton).



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