Thursday, February 25, 2016

Saying the UNTHINKABLE...."Go to Hell, Mark Zuckerberg!!!!!"

     So Beaver's big brother Wally thinks it is "disrespectful behavior" for any mere mortals to have an opinion contrary to his own.

     Mark Zuckerberg is outraged that one of his little people has the audacity to stand up for what is right, by pointing out what is wrong in a Zuckerberg  mentally ill American Society; declaring he will not tolerate disrespect and disobedience to his beliefs.  Not only does this little zealot contradict his own declaration, he steps on the freedom of speech of  the victims of his wrath.

     The very idea that   Zuckerberg condemns one group of people over another, simply because of his own twisted educational indoctrination, bears witness to how far this country has slipped down the worm hole of normalcy.  Mark Zuckerberg is wickedly wealthy.  Mark Zuckerberg is worth somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 Billion Dollars. 50 BILLION DOLLARS.  Allow your mind to come to grips with that frightening figure.  He did not find a cure for Cancer or some other life saving gift to mankind.  He did not invent some sort of advanced technology to rocket the human race into the heavens.  Mark Zuckerberg's claim to fame and his 50 BILLION DOLLAR fortune, can be attributed to co-founding a frigging social networking website. Did we mention, Mark Zuckerberg is 31-years-old, and one of the richest men of any Race of people on this planet.  (That fact alone should make this man shudder at the thought of his disgusting 'white privilege').

     Zuckerberg lectures his minions, "...crossing out something means silencing speech, or that one person's speech is more important than another.  " .....we are now investigating the current incidents."  

     Investigating what incidents?  Someone who disagrees with an asinine slogan, and chooses to correct that obvious error, is having his speech silenced by, none other than Mark Zuckerberg, who quite frankly, in an earlier age, probably would have been right in there rubbing shoulders with his fellow lily-white plantation owners of that time.  Yes, Zuckerberg most likely would actually have been a proud owner of slaves.

       Zuckerberg, like so many other White hypocrite Liberals in today's society, especially now that he is filthy rich, believes that by lecturing Americans, who he views as uneducated bigoted hayseeds, he is a better person.  He feels 'his black brother's pain,' he can relate...right on brother!  Guilt Complex cured.   That being said, Zuckerberg can, for at least a very brief period, relish in his  unwarranted wealth for at least another day, pretending he is responsible for his very own success and tremendous wealth, when in realty, we might bring him back to Earth with a sobering pronouncement that, he, Mark Zuckerberg actually "DIDN'T BUILD THAT."  Get over your White Privilege Zuckerberg, and allow real Americans who contributed to actually building this country decide what is right, or wrong to say.  

     And just for the record, there are many more millions of Americans who can say with pride and conviction, because they actually have contributed to the well being and advancement of humankind.....

     Perhaps one day when you, and your kind, become older and yes, even wiser, you might realize many people of ALL race, color and belief have been oppressed, and faced injustice in the United States of America.  You might even speak to  a Native American (you know...those 'redskin people.')  Surely they can tell you about 'a history of oppression and racism' leveled against their people.  (Google Indian Reservation)  I'm sure you'll find a few there.

     And while you're in a chatty mode, look up Japanese-American internment camps.  During World War II (they called that one, the Big One), over 120,000 Japanese-Americans (sorta like African-Americans, but...well, it) were unlawfully rounded up and imprisoned.  Tell those people about 'a history of oppression and racism.'

     Tell the Irish-Americans, Polish-Americans, Italian-Americans, etc., etc., etc. about 'a history of oppression and racism.' in America.  

     All these people, and many, many more not mentioned here,  experienced a certain degree of oppression and racism throughout the history of this nation.   We make mistakes.  We pay for our mistakes.  We make things right.  People get over it.  They forgive.  Many reluctantly forget.  But they all get on with their lives, and justify their real worth and value to a nation of many people of all colors, race and belief.  They work.  They prove themselves to be American be respected, and be a part of the combined community which has built, and will continue to build this nation into the greatest, and most giving country on the face of this Earth.

     If you find it necessary to reprimand your fellow citizens for not singling out ONE group of people for recognition, considering the years of extended hands from fellow Americans, in their direction.  Maybe you, and those you defend, will soon 'lose that self–righteous attitude,' and join us in the American community.  For the benefit of you, and your pissed off friends, allow me to repeat:


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