Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Voters of South Carolina--WE ARE BEGGING YOU

If there is an ounce of decency remaining inside you, your fellow Americans are pleading with you to approach your polling place on election day, and spare your brothers and sisters throughout this land the excruciating pain of having to endure at least four agonizing years of listening to this.
You Tube:  zappafan1325 

Which after a few short days will begin to sound more and more like THIS.
You Tube:  The Gamer Show a completely unrelated story,
     No official word yet on whether Democratic write-in candidate Vermin Supreme will be throwing his support behind Mrs. Clinton, if for no other reason than to display a loser coalition of sorts.
     Vermin Supreme, a performance artist with a wizard-like beard, had received more than 240 votes in the Democratic contest with 89% reporting early Wednesday, compared to Gilmore’s 125 among Republicans. *

~~Getting early upper hand on Bernie Sanders who is promising FREE college tuition for everyone.....VERMIN SUPREME has vowed to give every American citizen "A FREE PONY."~~

     ISN'T AMERICA A GREAT PLACE                                                                                      

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