Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The 'Blame' stops here

"Had he (Barack Hussein Obama) acted sooner and with vigilance, ISIS could have been neutered before it metastasized, and attacks witnessed in both Europe and the United States could have been thwarted." *

Keeping this information in mind, the next time--and there will be a next time (somewhere in this confused world)--some crazed fanatic murders even more innocent fellow human beings than we have already witnessed in places like Paris and Orlando, make no mistake about where the 'finger of blame really should be pointed.'

     "In the words of some of his top advisers and shills, Obama will continue to rely on the “stupidity of the American voter” and will continue to create “echo chamber[s]” designed to further advance false narratives that deflect and obfuscate. Meanwhile, our border remains dangerously porous and Islamic terror continues to take its toll on innocent civilians." *

     And let us not forget, this is the man who was presented with the Nobel Peace Prize, only months after being elected to the U-S Presidency.  Such a nonsensical move was nearly as foolish as awarding a 7-year-old 'T-Ball' participant with a World Series Championship Ring.

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