Thursday, February 2, 2017

Fake news. ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, 'ETC'...What will your catastrophic 'Trump Crisis' be next week?

                   According to the unelected, untalented, and out of control mainstream media entrenched in the United States 'fake story factories'....every action taken by President Trump (now in his 13th full day as President of the United States) is a 'crisis, unprecedented, creates chaos/confusion, is racist, misogynistic, nasty, cruel, naughty and (___________fill in the blank with most recent Liberal rant of the day).


     Following 13 days of this nonsense, the stompie-foot whining of these misfits is already growing old.  The placards are preprinted, most likely with some local union shop logo proudly displayed somewhere in between "Trump Sucks," or "My Vagina is off limits."  (Judging by the appearance of those with off limits vagina signs, their least concern should be about someone glancing in that particular area of their anatomy).

     Bottom line, if these lunatics expect to preserve sole ownership of this title,  and have any hopes of retaining recognition as rioters, looters and downright naughty children, they had better pick up the pace and start burning/breaking things* and shouting the word 'F*CK you' incessantly at innocent bystanders.  Otherwise, the people who elected this President are simply going to sit back, ignoring your temper tantrum antics, relax and wait for the 2020 election to roll around, and head back to getting the job at hand completed--Reelecting Donald J. Trump to his second term.

* (UPDATE: Burning a hot dog cart on the Berkeley Campus is hardly a 'Bill Ayers hardcore rampage--you 'kids' need a bit more prompting from your Radical "pony tailed Marxist professors").  

.....for now.....


     In the meantime, remember these words from that great philosopher Mother Goose.....

Leave them alone, and they'll come  GO home,
And bring haul their
 tails  lazy, do-nothing asses
behind them.

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