Monday, February 20, 2017

First, and foremost Governor Cuomo; YOU are a Political Hack

     The usual anti-American 'freaks' were out in full force Sunday spewing their never ending support for everything against the grain of normalcy in the United States of America.

     If we are to believe Donald Trump's claim that 'the press' is enemy to the American people, their ugly siblings are represented by the likes of arrogant, self-righteous has beens, probably best represented by a washed up aged actress Susan Sarandon, A latent Communist, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, 'I'm the daughter of a Loser,' Chelsea Clinton, and last but certainly not least, the Governor of New York (I will be President of the United States soon) Andrew Cuomo.

 Cuomo stood proudly before a Muslim love-fest audience and proclaimed, he also is a Muslim. Of course it probably should be noted, Andrew 'I want to be President one day' Cuomo, will be anything, at any given moment to win a vote, regardless of where that vote might be stolen from, or how many bloody hands might be associated with it. (It is the current Democrat Cult Modus Operandi).

      Andrew Cuomo, and those blinded by the light of Hate-all-things-Trump, might take a moment to reexamine the damage they are doing, not only to this nation, but to those they value most dearly; their children, and a future they might face under the repressive forces of Sharia Law.  Perhaps then, and only then will they begin proclaiming 'Why I am not a Muslim.'

     In 1995, writing under a pen name Ibn Warraq, the author reminds us, that "it becomes a duty to defend those values that we would live by.  But here Western intellectuals have sadly failed in defending Western values, such as rationalism, social pluralism, human rights, the rule of law, representative government, individualism (in the sense that every individual counts, and NO individual should be sacrificed for some Utopian future collective end), freedom of expression, freedom of and from religion, the rights of minorities, and so on. 

     The writer continues, instead, the so-called experts on Islam in Western Universities, in the media, in the churches and even in government bureaus have become apologists for Islam. 

     They bear some responsibility for creating an atmosphere little short of intellectual terrorism where any criticism of Islam is denounced as fascism, racism, or "orientalism."  They bear some responsibility for lulling the public into thinking "The Islamic Threat" is a myth.   


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