Saturday, April 1, 2017

Time to start 'digging dirt, on THEIR dirt-digging-Liberal ringleaders

No better place to start digging dirt, 
than with these three
highly placed pompous
'civil servants'
political hacks

      Self described Champions of the Blue Collar working class...'The little people,'  their cult-like political organization has been quite successful in the black art of mind control and manipulation. 

      Generations of hard working Americans were, and continue to be pawns in their under-handed game of pitting naïve citizens against one another, as THEY reap a harvest of wealth and power.

     Their  influence has been tearing away the fabric of this nation ever since the day they realized, in-fighting among all Americans would empower them for generations, and at the same time make THEM tremendously wealthy.

     Incidentally, if you have not taken notice, their 'RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA Scam' apparently is about to explode bite them in the ass.  Don't be surprised to see some of these usual dirt-diggers sliding into obscure holes of refuge in order to save their own miserable skin.

     Perhaps a bit of friendly advice is in order for our three 'dirt-digging-friends' pictured above;  When you get down to approximately six feet, it will be time to stop digging.  You will have no one else to blame for the demise of your 'Grandfather's Democrat Party,' but yourselves.  

     Your Political Party is already dead. Unfortunately, some of you are so intoxicated with power, you simply have not noticed.

      To be continued.....


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