Sunday, May 14, 2017

Never, ever allow these deranged opportunists near power again!

  Never ever again, should anyone resembling someone/something even close to being associated with the Democrat Party be allowed anywhere near a position giving them access to changing, manipulating or corrupting the foundation of this great land, the United States of America. -- October 31, 1914


     For the past 50 years, people, myself included, have silently stood on the sidelines watching these power-crazed ideologists strip epidermis off a beautifully presented piece of natural art, and transform it into an ugly caricature of what they believe should exist beneath its delicate crust. 


      And as we now are witnessing this crumbling crust brushed aside, they begin to reveal their emptiness...its ugliness put on public display.  Inside, we would prefer to see real emptiness, but instead we are reminded of evil transgressions taking on the digested forms of their many evil accomplishments.  59.5 million human beings denied their right to life.  Generations of brain washed human debris, so corrupted that today's children--those few privileged to survive outside the protection of their mother's womb--believe it is actually okay to take the life of a child, even up to the age of 5 years old, because that child has not yet developed the ability to beg for it's very own survival.

"....some students even suggest children up to 4 or 5-years-old can also be killed, because they are not yet “self aware.” "*
     In the name of so-called freedom for a gender, Liberal women have become so confused by their Democrat idols, they fail to recognize what, or even who they are.  Liberal women appearing in  campaign videos supporting their idols, are not only 'tools' being used by a party which sold its soul to the devil in exchange for power, but even worse, they are 'fools.' They appear in trashy political propaganda promotions, making all sorts of ridiculous claims against decent human beings, painted as deniers of women's rights, only because of the opposing candidate's association with another opinion.  In this instance, the Republican Party. Listening to scripted words from these apparent mentally abused Liberal tools,  and then viewing pictures of their 'sisters' in the Middle East, living under laws meted out by monsters, almost makes honest freedom loving people of this country wish you never received the right to vote.  Sadly, even your 'fore mothers,' lived under archaic-like laws in this country; beaten, jailed and abused at the hands of Democratic President, Woodrow Wilson.

     And, The candidates you support, with Barack Hussein Obama as their chosen leader, obviously was not uncomfortable crawling into bed with murderers of women in the name of a bastardized 'religion.'   You are simply mind-controlled manipulated tools!  Those fools among you,  are too blind with ambition for their own stinking lives and careers to recognize what he, and his party supports and represents. You and your kind, are lost souls, and many now believe,  an embarrassment to your gender!

     Many of you seem to fantasize about wearing a stained blue dress, and being used and abused by a stinking horn-dog, someone we unfortunately must include among our most revered American figures--one of only TWO Presidents impeached as a result of their abuse of power, and ultimately their fellow American citizens.  But lately,  you are at the forefront accusing the opposition of waging a 'war on women.'

     And what remains to be said of the so-called African American community?  For the past 50 years they have been walking lock-step with this Liberal Democrat cult.  Believing they would finally be freed from the chains of slavery.  When in fact the chains were broken over a hundred and fifty years ago.  The only link in that broken chain has been the Democrat abusers, who recognize your very existence, only because you have proven to be a vital segment keeping them in power.  Indeed, they have played every race card in the deck, and when push comes to shove, as evident in this election, they always bring out the Jokers, trying to insure at least a few additional 'dumbed-down voters' to support their lost cause.

 "Charlie Rangel Says Some Republicans ‘Believe That Slavery Isn’t Over’" **

      If for one moment you would open your eyes, you might see what your pseudo 'brother' leader has planned following these elections, for yet another manipulative herd of sheep, arriving in the form of Hispanics.  Taking a seat in the back of the bus seems to be no longer an option, but at the very least, you will be able to call and complain, using your cheap, free 'Obama phone.'

     We are at the doorway to the future, but this cult, inaccurately dubbed as a party of the 'working man,' is always prepared to return us to the very worst segments of our beginnings.  Don't allow this to happen.....Never ever again, should anyone resembling someone/something even close to being associated with the Democrat Party be allowed anywhere near a position giving them access to changing, manipulating or corrupting the foundation of this great land, the United States of America.

     Former Attorney General under Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and his corrupted Justice Department crowd, insists all African Americans should believe, regardless of their station in life,  when asked to submit an identification prior to voting, this is (perhaps in his bigoted activist mind--some might say, a pipe-dream from his youthful college days) an act of RACISM   
     If you are a 'black American' and believe this political dribble, you do not need an ID to vote, rather we should begin asking for IQ documentation.


    From this day forward we implore you to cast your vote as an American
NOT as a caricature of another person's 
warped vision of what they 
think this country should be.
Let us have a new beginning, simply by 
taking out the TRASH!

Street Art by Sabo


  1. Our United States is a "Republic" with "Democratic Ideals" we have our own laws and must not corrupt them by introducing laws of others. In particular the cult of Islam.

  2. Demorats hate everything associated with America. They hate the ideas of individual freedom, responsibility, and accountability from the depth of their being. They hate the concept of free will and merit. They would rather see people suffer than allow a few losers to fail. Individuals who succeed aren't to be emulated or pointed out. The Demorats would rather stone them.

    Demorats employ words like diversity, social justice, equality to demand their police state. They have no use for any of these concepts. Look at their actions not their words for evidence of this.


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