Wednesday, May 31, 2017

When should we start hearing words like 'conspiracy, coups d'état and sedition' to describe what these traitors are trying to achieve?

What traitors, your might be asking?

     Cowardly self absorbed anti-societal dregs, hiding safely behind cover of our Constitution's 1st Amendment.

     Topping this list is the Washington Post, whose owner Jeff Bezos, is a prime example; living-walking-breathing proof, that being a billionaire does not prevent one from being a total 'bozo.'  Casual observers might claim that Bezos purchased the Post to use as his personal grocery store tabloid rag to trash his bogeymen enemies.  Heading that list would be none other than the current President of the United State, Donald J. Trump.


     During the Presidential Primaries, then candidate Trump, told FOX's Sean Hannity, "He (Bezos) thinks I'll go after him for antitrust," Trump said at the time. "Because he's got a huge antitrust problem because he's controlling so much, Amazon is controlling so much of what they are doing.

"He's using the Washington Post, which is peanuts, he's using that for political purposes to save Amazon in terms of taxes and in terms of antitrust."*

     Closely following the Post, and apparently playing 'tag-team' tactics to unseat President Trump, is the grand old 'Grey Lady,' The New York Times.  Perhaps making a strong case in today's digital news environment for legalized euthanasia.   

     And who in their right mind, would defend sliming maneuvers collectively adopted, and apparently practiced by the three 'major television news entertainment networks,' and the self-proclaimed leader in cable news gathering, CNN?

     All are either owned by radical 'Leftists' individuals or corporations, and heavily staffed with Democratic Party has-beens and dehydrated political hacks.  ABC's George Stephanopoulos and CNN mouthpiece Paul Begala quickly come to mind. The latter, most recently referring to The President of the United States as a 'moral midget.'  My parents always urged me to not throw stones when living in a glass house.  Begala is probably best remembered for his lapdog puppy efforts in behalf of the IMPEACHED U-S President, and moral giant Bill (getting hum-jobs under his Oval Office desk) Clinton. 

     Meanwhile, Stephanopoulos's educational credentials as a Political Science major, more aptly would seem to qualify him as a 'Political (Lefty) Commentator,' rather than being designated as the Chief Anchor and the Chief Political 'Correspondent' for ABC News. Any respectable news gathering agency probably would have dropped Stephanopoulos like a hot potato, when he was caught with his pants down (no suggestive connection to his former boss) when failing to report his $75,000 in personal contributions to the Clinton Foundation.  All this taking place while running interference for what was expected to be Hillary Clinton's annihilation of Donald Trump in the Presidential contest.  Of course Georgie apologized to his viewers, kissing their boo-boo, and making all good.  This show of repentance supposedly served as a goodwill gesture,  raising ABC's credibility level back to 25% in the world of news gatherers (or something). And the Disney-owned Mickey Mouse network goes on their happy way spreading half-truisms, reportedly acquired somewhere on Splash Mountain from the usual anonymous(e) source. 

     The remaining alphabet soup networks, and their role in torching Trump's Presidency, simply are not worth the time or space required at this humble, tiny, but hugely popular blogsite.  

     And what remains to be said about two egotistical losers like Hillary Clinton and John McCain?  Regrettably McCain has somehow managed to misplace a few of his remaining marbles when rushing before any available microphone or camera which crosses his path.  My own personal regret.....I wasted a vote for the, then 2008 Republican Presidential candidate.  That, of course was before McCain broke silence of the lambs status and went full-front Kamikaze on the Trump Presidency.  By the by Mister McCain, how does a soft spoken and respectful United States Senator such as yourself, earning $174,000 a year accumulate a net worth of $21 Million?  Just sayin'.

     Hollywood 'punks,' playing the role of holier-than-thou whores, prey on simple minds and their dollars, to keep the lifeblood flowing in a perpetual game of charades.  Meanwhile, dollars cross paths of dollars, making their way from simple-minded Hollywood victims to two-bit political thespians. One parasitical group devouring the other as they continue to reduce this country to it's lowest degree of decency.   
     The Democrat 'cult,' and 'pretend' Republican parties are all but washed up as representatives of the American people.  The lunatic leftists which devoured the Democratic Party, and elitist bores who 'think' they represent the Republicans, are probably facing extinction if major changes are not adopted by these two front organizations for the very, very, very wealthy (themselves conveniently included) in this nation, AND worldwide.  

     If 'people' identifying with either of these two dead political entities would unite, and refuse to be controlled by snake oil salesmen which claim to represent them, perhaps then we could take back the goodness of this Nation, putting us back on track to the World leadership status we once so rightly enjoyed deserved.

     Eventually someone should feel obliged to throw a red flag, hopefully before it is drenched in the blood of warring factions eagerly encouraged by all those traitors noted above.  Speaking of social unrest...has anyone heard the whereabouts of 'The Reverend' Al Sharpton ever since the 'homie' vacated his crib at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, ending Al's career as Presidential advisor for race relations in America?

     Now there's a story for you, Washington Post, if you'd truly care to investigate corruption, and unethical backroom dealings in American politics. 


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