Tuesday, August 11, 2009

3 AM, already?

Thank goodness Hillary Clinton is only Secretary of State and not representing the United States of America in some lofty position, such as an Ambassador of Kenya.

Call it a gaffe, mix-up, snafu, break down in translation (Where the hell is Joe Biden with all this resume building stuff going on)?

During a question and answer session with Madame Secretary (can you safely use that description, now that its been banished to an unflattering salutation by Senator Barbara Boxer) a query to her was misinterpreted from the questioner, who was curious what the President (Obama) thought about a certain topic. This is were the story sort of goes like that game we used to play as kids.

A simple story is told to kid #1 who is then instructed to relay details by whispering to kid #2 what was just furnished to him/her. Kid #3 passes along the story to #4 and so on until perhaps being repeated a dozen times and then kid #12 is to stand up and repeat out loud details of the story he was told. Of course we all know how that works. There is very little resemblance between the original story and what is being recited by kid #12. Something like what Barack Obama talked about when campaigning for the Presidency and what we are now witnessing as reality in Washington.

So Hillary hears this misinterpreted question as "What does your husband (who used to be President) think about this topic, rather than, what does the President (Obama, who obviously is not your husband) think about this topic." Naturally, this misinterpreted question did not set well with Mrs. Clinton (am I allowed to say that, because after all, Mrs. would link Hillary to Bill Clinton, who as we all know was a President of the United States, so she might be upset we are not recognizing her and showing appropriate respect for her position of importance, with suggestion, by way of using Mrs to identify her, that she is any less powerful). It probably isn't easy walking in the shadow of a very important man, er, ah, person. This is all becoming very complicated.

Bottom line is, Hillary was pissed! Did anyone check the time? Was it before 3 AM? You know, that moment in time Hillary previously made famous during her unsuccessful campaign for President....Hillary at that time asked her audiences, 'Will her then challenger, Barack Obama, be equipped with diplomatic experience qualifying him to react, yes, even at 3 in the morning'!

All I can say is, Unfortunate for us Hillary is not President of the United States and only representing America in some second fiddle position, such as Secretary of State!

Stay tuned...much more coming on Hillary, including....(insert tease here) "Why Hillary Clinton never had any real interest in being U-S Senator from New York."

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