Friday, August 7, 2009

Next stop: Permanent quarters in the Attic!

We're all familiar with that 'Crazy Uncle' every family keeps locked in the cellar.....but little is ever mentioned about the 'Nutty Aunt' stowed away in the attic who thinks she's a saint!

It's one thing to condemn the old man to the dark, dank depths of the cellar, but yet another to keep Auntie Dearest lodged comfortably near the rafters.

Lets be honest, when critics in this country begin referring to the third most powerful figure in our political system as a nutty kook, something is terribly wrong. Quite frankly, what is wrong, is our election system which allows unqualified individuals to make there way up the power ladder and assume a title as honorable as Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States of America. As mentioned in a previous blog, voters in states who send inferior representatives to Washington should, in some way be penalized for weighing down the entire country with their 'mistakes.' And Nancy Pelosi is a true definition of the word 'mistake.'

Political strategist would have you believe she possesses abilities beyond most of her counterpart peers, however, it has been my contention if she were to run for the office of U-S representative in most any other area of this country, she would be soundly defeated. Why? Because most voter would see through her saran facade, recognizing a lack of understanding for the majority of her constituents, rather than playing a role of political hack and leaning only to the side which consistently returns her to Washington.

Beyond 'wisdom and knowledge' learned at the feet of her father and brother in Baltimore, Maryland politics, where is this vast reservoir of experience this woman brings with her to the nation's Capitol. It wasn't until some years later when she got a toe-hold into California politics that she clawed her way to political prominence. She is rarely if ever challenged for her congressional seat, resting comfortably for an 'assumed life-time term' in the 8th district of San Francisco, California. In her entire political career, she reportedly only once had to face off in a debate when 'campaigning' for her cozy position.

So allow the old man (Harry) out of the cellar for holidays if you must, but for the safety of all things good and still remaining alive, you are implored to keep this embarrassment to the family, the United States of America, securely locked away in the attic.

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