Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Saying goodbye to General Motors

General Motors will cease to exist within the next few years.

Sadly, a once great capitalist giant will join earlier American favorites, along side auto makers such as Hudson and Studebaker.

Generally cars are destined for the junk pile because America's buying public is not satisfied with models rolling off assembly lines. Anyone around long enough to remember Studebaker's last gasp for life, will have frightening memories of the company's sleek offering known as the 'Lark.' Unfortunately, during that same period in American history, there was a cigarette also marketed by the same name. It didn't take a government warning slapped on the side of the cigarette pack to end the 'butt's existence,' because they just never appealed to discriminating smokers.

And, as for Studebaker. No government lifeline was thrown its way. Primarily because such a practice back then would have been likened to mixing church and state. Quite frankly, any car manufacturer which would insult the American consumer with such an inferior product, was gladly released from the (then) exclusive American auto manufacturers club. After all, Ford was on the brink of introducing a model some of you may have heard of, known as a Mustang. General Motors was cranking out versions which, with a bit more crafting, could have taken off and flown next to our military's highest flying war machines. The 'wings' were incredible! Chrysler Corporation was also burning the late night oil, attempting to forge ahead with its own novel offerings.

Depending on which side of the street your were when viewing the Studebaker Lark, it was just one hell of a blase car. A box on wheels--absolutely possessing not one bit of appeal to potential car buyers. So, in 1966 we said goodbye to one of the most hideous looking cars ever produced in America. (However, looking back on those Larks through today's eyes, it was as stylish as any heap being dangled in from of auto buyers in the present market)!

Fast forward to today and we see American auto makers in dire straits. Many would say because they are just not producing vehicles appealing to those hard to please U-S automobile consumers. However, I disagree. The big three auto makers in the United States have been turning out some beautiful products, BUT.

When Studebaker was fighting for its existence, what was its competition. The big three. In today's saturated market, we have cars from perhaps every car producing nation on the face of this earth struggling to lure in a limited American car buyers buck.

In addition, how can any U-S car manufacturer expect to exist when they are hampered by strict government regulation, over the top union pension programs and every left wing nut-job organization insisting we should be driving around in nothing more than a refrigerator crate. Where the hell were they when Studebaker was churning out exactly what these people are now insisting we accept today as style. So in reality, Studebaker was ahead of its time. Although you'd have a tough time convincing me Al Gore would be seen sliding behind the wheel of one of these beauties!

The bottom line is, Americans don't like to have products 'shoved down their throats.' The very fact our government has ventured into the car business itself, is like chiming the death toll for this once great car maker. After billions of American taxpayer dollars will be poured into this once noble giant, we will have to face facts and say goodbye to General Motors.

Perhaps the government will come through even further and purchase entire fleets for its agencies to bolster sales as G-M gasps for it's last breath of air. You have to know when the Federal government of the United States of America steps in to bail out an industry, it's like having the grim reaper arrive to lead a sporting events opening day pep rally!

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