Sunday, June 20, 2010

Even RATS should learn how to swim!

It is very interesting indeed to witness how RATS (DemocRATS) respond when 'the ship' begins to sink.

If Emanuel was any less the coward he apparently is, perhaps he might have remained in Israel following his recent visit, as most loyal Jews are known to do when the homeland is in jeopardy, and at the very least shown allegiance to one flag.

Emanuel links fall elections to GOP support of BP
WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama's chief of staff is warning about what might happen if Republicans—who have defended BP over the Gulf oil spill—were to run Congress after the fall election.

Rahm Emanuel says the GOP philosophy is to paint BP as the victim. He says Obama will make clear to voters the fundamental differences in how each party would govern.

Emanuel tells ABC's "This Week" it would be "dangerous" if the GOP held power in Washington.

He says GOP lawmakers and candidates are attacking the administration for demanding that BP set up a $20 billion compensation fund.

Last week, Rep. Joe Barton apologized to BP for what he called a White House "shakedown." The Texas Republican later stepped back from those remarks.

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