Friday, June 4, 2010

All American astronauts are not former Presidents of the United States

President Obama: "somebody didn't think through the consequences of their actions."
Cnn/Larry King Live

"I would love to just spend a lot of my time venting and yelling at people, but that's not the job I was hired to do," Obama said. "My job is to solve this problem" and ultimately this isn't about me and how angry I am. Ultimately this is about the people down in the Gulf who are being impacted and what am I doing to make sure that they're able to salvage their way of life."


No, No, No Mister President! It is NOT your job to solve this problem. A review of your resume (if made available to the public, in its entirety, which it hasn't) would reveal among the many skills you lack, one might be an expertise in underwater oil drilling.

As Chief Executive of this country, it is your job to OVER SEE, not solve. It is up to you to make certain, via thousands of taxpayer funded white shirts, that the best 'minds' are gathered together, with the most up to date technology and give them a forum to SOLVE this problem.

Contrary to many of your political critics, we believe strong leadership is necessary during a monumental disaster such as this. No one expects you to slip into a dive suit, or clothe yourself in environmentally protective gear and start dabbing slimy crude oil off the backs of pelicans with your official presidential king-sized bottle of Dawn!

When you do have something 'conclusive' to contribute, please go on national television and state facts. Last thing we are prepared for at this time is to have a bumbling mouthpiece like Robert Gibbs rambling on with his vacant knowledge on this topic. It really has gotten quite painful watching this klutz fumbling through notes, doodled on the back of Dunkin' Donuts and McDonald's napkins.

Americans are a 'forgiving' people. Be truthful with them and they have a reputation of knuckling under and getting involved to get the job done. That is only one trait instilled in them by generations past--ONLY one admirable feature, among many, which for over two hundred years made this the great country we inherited and continue to EARN and enjoy its bounty today, because of our ancestors. We are NOT who we are because of an intrusive government, as you, and many around you believe. We together will SOLVE this problem.

So as this terrible saga continues in the Gulf, perhaps the best advice one might offer to you, IS; be a leader and lose this attitude that you are the chosen one....the one responsible for solving this problem.

Realizing this is before your time, and before American history was rewritten, but when President John F. Kennedy said we would have a man walk on the moon before the decade ended, you did not see him at Cape Canaveral, sliding into Apollo 11.

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