Friday, June 4, 2010

My solution to the Gaza blockade

'Rachel Corrie' offers deal

Reports indicate this ship heading for Gaza is on a humanitarian mission, loaded with vital supplies for Palestinians in the region. Despite warnings from Israeli authorities to honor its blockade and allow inspection of cargo, on-board activists insist they will challenge warnings and complete 'it's mission.'

Earlier this week a similar incident ended in tragedy, leaving several activists dead and several Israeli commandos injured. Not to mention worldwide condemnation for 'acts of aggression' by Israel....of course coming from the usual chorus of spineless 'jew-hating' players.

An infant child told not to touch a hot pipe, responds with painful crying tears when ignoring warnings from a wiser parent, and grabs hold of the radiant object. These activists are nothing more than trouble making children, disguised as caring humanitarians. Their only mission; to embarrass the Jewish State and advance self-serving future activities and ambitions.

This may not be a popular solution, but until someone else steps forward with a better idea to end this idiocy, this is my offering.

This past month, North Korean Dictator Kim Jung Il's military forces are suspected of launching a torpedo into a South Korean Naval vessel, claiming 46 lives of that country's sailors.

A faked 'secret' communique, conveniently intercepted by this paranoid pot belly could set the stage for the perfect storm for everyone. "The Rachel Corrie is actually a South Korean warship heading from Israel, and loaded with weapons of mass destruction. Its mission--KILL IL! Kim gets the upper hand and blasts the disguised Rachel Corrie into oblivion.

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gets off the hook, avoiding further unnecessary and unwarranted ridicule from worldwide mouthpieces.

The United Nations obviously won't condemn these actions because, for some unknown reason, they fear this pint sized megalomaniac.

Survival scenarios for the 20-some Rachel Corrie activists still haven't been written, but.......when you tell a child not to touch a hot pipe and your instructions are ignored, perhaps it is best if that disobedient child 'pays the consequences!'

Do-gooders of the world have an excellent track record of getting OTHER people killed. Occasionally they get tangled in their own nefarious web, but usually escape without surrendering their OWN lives.

These are usually the people who cause fatal vehicular accidents, escaping personal injuries, and then leaving the scene as if they were merely innocent passers by.

A vast majority of people amongst these ranks proudly wear the moniker known as LIBERAL!

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