Thursday, May 19, 2011

Awarding Al Gore with the Nobel prize was the beginning of that prestigious award's self-destruction!

'Nobel winners urge UN action to save the planet' -- Published: 19 May 11 06:42 CET at

"Some 20 Nobel laureates called Wednesday for world leaders to urgently act to ensure global sustainability, in recommendations handed over to a special UN committee.

  • In the "Stockholm Memorandum," the Nobel laureates and a number of environmental science experts concluded that "the planet has entered a new geological age, the Anthropocene," or the age of man.
In this era, where the most important changes to the planet are brought on by human actions and not natural phenomena, the memorandum "recommends a suite of urgent and far-reaching actions for decision makers and societies to become active stewards of the planet for future generations."

.....On the first day of the symposium on Tuesday the Nobel laureates had staged a mock trial against humanity on charges that it was destroying Mother Earth."


This big blue marble, so lovingly known to most of us as Mother Earth, supposedly has survived through at least five 'major' ice age periods, the last occurring HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of years ago. Obviously, NO ONE really knows, however the so called intellectual community would have us believe they are somehow mentally connected to a galactic bank of knowledge, and only through their contributions, mankind and this planet will be saved.

Such a pity this snobbish Nobel laureate crowd wasn't around during those earlier 'chilly periods' to 'stage their mock trials against Mother Earth herself,' charged solely for causing these cataclysmic anomalies, and in a sense, attempting to commit suicide.

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