Saturday, May 7, 2011

This 'Giving away stuff' insanity must stop!

The current national debt in the United States is well over 14 Trillion dollars, however before I've completed this blog posting, it will have grown by several hundred thousand dollars...and that is assuming I live up to typing my 80 words a minute.

Regardless of this history making debt, our leaders in Washington continue to Give Money Away at record levels.

According to the CATO Institute, 'the real foreign aid budget is probably closer to $50 billion—when you add in Pentagon "peacekeeping" work that does nothing to protect our nation's security.'

Our indebtedness to China easily tops 1 Trillion dollars plus (on any given day). Other big owners of our debt are Japan and the United Kingdom, but they are small fish in comparison to our 'friends' in Communist China.

So with all this horrendous debt, how can the United States be allowed by its taxpaying citizens to continue playing Sugar Daddy to the World. Even George Soros would stop doling out his dough to Anti-American organizations if his fortune dwindled down to pennies...or pesos depending on whether Mexico will completely occupy America when that dark day arrives!

Illustrating the complete idiocy of our financial practices by the wizards in Washington. Lets say I want a new 30 thousand dollar car, but I don't have 30 thousand dollars. So I go to my next door neighbor and say, how about giving me 30 thousand dollars so I can buy my new car. My neighbor--he's a nice guy--says, I don't have 30 thousand dollars, but I'll go to the bank, borrow the 30 thousand dollars and give it to you so you can buy your new car. And incidentally, you don't have to repay me, he says--I'll pay back the loan. In the real world, this just doesn't happen, but remember, we are discussing the 'Washington way of doing business.'

Sleep on this thought tonight--your great grand children's children will be paying for my brand new 30 thousand dollar car well into the next century.

Is there any wonder why the American taxpaying public has finally awakened and said ENOUGH! This giving away stuff insanity must stop!

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