Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ireland ready for Obama visit on Monday...Tuesday they should feel like a used 'two-bit' whore!

Suppose having a U-S President visit his 'ancestral homeland' should be exciting news for any tiny hamlet, therefore Moneygall, Ireland may see it's 15 minutes of international fame flashed on t-v screens throughout the world.

Actually 15 minutes might be closer to the amount of time scheduled for the Presidential visit. A very expensive campaign photo op for Obama, courtesy of the American taxpayers.

Barack Obama's main address will be delivered in the shadow of Dublin's Trinity College and it will afford the American President an opportunity to touch on one of his favorite subjects, especially when on foreign soil; Borders and Immigration. Granted, the words are carefully crafted to inspire those patient Irish soles waiting diligently for their time to enter the Pearly Gates of America, but if Obama is true to his past record when abroad, it will be open season on taking a shot at U-S citizens waging their own battle to tighten security on it's own borders. (Those crazy 'tea-baggers' are always looking for special favors)!

Anyway, it should be interesting and inspiring--not certain to which audience, but be certain, Obama will leave the Emerald Island, no more an Irishman than when he arrived.
Highlighted: This boat manifest shows Falmouth Kearney, who arrived in the U.S. aged 19 to flee the 1850 potato famine in Ireland with his brother-in-law and wife, after travelling from Liverpool, in England, to New York. Read more:

Notice the spelling of ole grandpa Falmouth's last name on the boat manifest; Person making this entry must have been a long lost ancestor of that mysterious birth certificate preparer in Hawaii! (Lighten up....jk).

Actually Mister President, as your mouth waters when you stare at that pint of Guinness, your keepers won't allow you to drink, we lift our glass in honor of your visit to this island of green..... May you have the hindsight to know where you've been, The foresight to know where you are going, And the insight to know when you have gone too far.

Photo courtesy of 'madmikesamerica'

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