Thursday, December 8, 2011

Early Christmas gift delivered to the Iranians

(Hope someone remembered to remove schematics and operating manual from the glove compartment)!!!!!

We may never know all fact surrounding the loss of this super-sensitive piece of technological warring equipment, but perhaps someday the truth will be revealed and we might be shocked to learn this was no accident, but a well-planned aeronautic maneuver by a strategically placed double agent.

Before condemning this comment as product of a conspiracy theorist, maybe you'd like to question why the aircraft appears to be undamaged, despite claims by Iranians that it was aggressively downed????

Also, why would such an advanced piece of super sleuth technology be constructed without some sort of self-destruct mechanism, in the event of it getting into hands of our enemies?

And finally, have Americans been so dumb-downed by a few years of this limp-wrist administration, to a level that we so nonchalantly believe this asinine excuse for allowing a vital piece of our defense system to become Iranian property:

"President Obama decided not to retrieve or destroy the drone because that could have been seen as an act of war."

Someone please tell me how anyone in this country could actually want FOUR more years of this man remaining in a position where he continues to dismantle and destroy America!

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