Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Goverment Unions and Phony Democrats are destroying America!

Every Union 'brother and sister' should be forced to view this short video schooling them in basic 101 economics, and how it relates to the wide gap between their union scale wages and those of their fraternal twins working for unions in the public sector.

This video is presented on such an elementary level that even the 'head guys' over at your Local Union headquarters might understand how they, and those they represent, have been and continue to be screwed by their phoney brothers and sisters working for government unions.

Please, let me emphasize the importance of this word--PLEASE--view this video and pass it along.!

Perhaps if this simple explanation of how the Union system in this country really works is better understood by those union member working for a private company, I.E. Teamsters, Auto Workers, etc., maybe, just maybe everyone--EVERYONE--in this country will have an equal opportunity at success.

Barack Obama and the Democrats in this country have so distorted our Capitalist system that it is now a horrible possibility that one day soon we will awaken to view a country our grand parents would never recognize.

Bottom line: Government Unions are like parasites--a hideous form of incurable cancer, feasting on the fruits of labor of those not fortunate enough to know someone to get a peachy job working for the government .

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