Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Trump has a gift for picking winners !!!!!


Republican presidential hopefuls have been clawing one another to get 'the blessing' from Donald Trump. It still remains a mystery why the Republican party is allowing this wanna be 'something' or 'somebody' to anoint it's representative to run for our nation's highest office.

This guy is probably more familiar with multiple bankruptcy court back doors than content of the most recent book he claims to have written. An obnoxious person with less ambition might claim loftier goals, but as for Donald, he prefers to host a mindless television program and on the side make the sign of the cross on foreheads of shameless prospective candidates for President of the United States.

At least two less popular of these candidates have told 'the Donald,' thanks, but go f*ck yourself. For that brilliant assertion alone, I'd be inclined to vote for one of these contestants, if for no other reason than their ability to recognize this smarmy harlequin for what he really is!

Lets face it gang, lately it would seem that those lucky enough to pass through Donald's shadow haven't been equally blessed with that same branded luck in life on their posteriors. Just the other day a former Miss America (one of Trump's play thing enterprises) was involved with a DUI:


And today we receive word that one of his Celebrity Apprentice 'winners,' was asked to leave a Southwest Airline flight because of his apparent inebriated condition:


If this is an indication of what can be expected as a result of any association with Trump, persons possessing an ounce of sound judgement might alert aspiring Republican presidential candidates to hold off on washing the Donald's feet, unless they are webbed, and belong to a more famous Donald who waddles his way around in another fantasy world down in Florida!

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