Friday, November 16, 2012

If she 'hears from her conscience,' this woman could blow the lid off Obama's Benghazi cover-up!

Senate Intelligence Committee Chair Dianne Feinstein
     The rumor-mill is a great place to begin any newsworthy investigative report.  98% idle chatter and maybe 2% unsubstantiated 'inside information.'

     Any good 'beat reporter' worth his weight in white-out correction fluid will stake his career on a vast array of characters supplying him with tips, or 'word on the street' information.  Probably the most well known example:  The character dubbed as 'Deep throat,' in the Woodward/Bernstein Watergate Investigation.

     That being said, word on the street suggests these hearings may be Diana Feinstein's very personal, but consequently public, vehicle to finally pull off a hit and run on a top female White House official, even if it means revealing damaging information surrounding President Obama in the process.

     Might be interesting to hear what this California Senator will say publicly regarding testimony now being heard behind closed doors in Washington on this scandal in waiting.

     Don't you just love when a good old cat fight forces rats out of a conspicuous hiding place !


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