Friday, November 9, 2012

Some say the fix was in...George & Diane probably knew, and Brian most likely was privy...But NOBODY let MITT in on the scam!

     Probably no one was more shocked when election vote tabulations began pouring in, than Mitt Willard Romney himself !

     Twenty four hours earlier, he was astounding supporters, and down right scaring the crap out of the Chicago Obama machine, when crowds in the tens of thousands were spontaneously showing up for his flurry of last minute stops as he hop-scotched around the country.

     As a result, many in the media, which actually is redundant since we've already mentioned the Obama machine, were beginning to show signs of moistened  mascara and eyeliner trails appearing on botoxed cheek bones.  Tingling machines were reportedly seen wheeled alongside portable defibrillators to the MSNBC Chris Matthews 'Hardballs' set.

     Fortunately, panic quickly evaporated, only to be replaced by kinky squeals of joy from George Stephanopoulos and all the other giddy girls over at ABC.  Even
Diane did her best to stay straight* until they were allowed to announce election results, probably already known to them before crawling behind that expensive, but very official looking, anchor desk.

*Sipping on a nice glass of Chateau Ste. Michelle Cabernet, and popping a few fortitude tablets before delivering earth shattering news of the day (and other mostly fluff-stuff) to her idolizing fans seemed quite natural in this (supposed authentic) undated clip of the diva anchor. For all we know, Princess Diane, could very well have had Welch's grape juice in her Ravenscroft crystal classics long stem wine glass and the prescription bottle was more than likely nothing more than cherry flavored Tic Tacs!  But, I digress.......

     Back to those rigged numbers!

     Shortly after the polls opened, reports started filtering in from various voting sites around the country, claiming that votes entered for Mitt Romney were actually recording as a vote for Barack Obama.  Of course the entire days reports of these anomalies were poo-pooed by election officials and, of course George, Diane and their colleagues.

     The entire clandestine process apparently is tied to software pre-programmed into the voting machines, where as tabulations are somehow rerouted from one candidate to the other, and done in such a way that, none but those knowing of the scheme, are aware of anything unscrupulous taking place.

     You can read more on these allegations at the following website, and then make your own conclusions as to whether your vote for Mitt...actually helped Barack Obama germinate his seed of dictatorship!

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