Monday, November 19, 2012

"They (CIA) are the most ruthless mother-f**kers there are, and if they want to get somebody, they will. They will do their own people up."

David Sanchez Morales ?
     That's the opinion of David Sanchez Morales, former Chief of Operations at the CIA station in Miami, and (also a former) consultant to the Deputy Director of the Joint Chiefs.

     So when this headline,

"CIA Chief Resigns Over Affair"suddenly appeared one day after President Barack Obama is reelected, people began asking whether the sudden demise of David Petraeus with the agency was an orchestrated event, born within the department, or crafted by those pulling strings at the White House.

David Petraeus
Valerie Jarrett

     Valerie Jarrett, and her gang of aspiring thugs,  have settled themselves so comfortably inside the White House and believe they are immune from retribution for their 'crimes' against personnel in agencies vital to their own security--Secret Service, CIA, FBI and even the U-S Military. 

"White House Throws CIA Under the Bus"

     That headline appeared over the weekend at,

     Their arrogant and aloof attitudes could very well be the catalyst which releases a nightmare of unexplainable deadly events in the near future for those who foolishly underestimate the effectiveness of these clandestine agencies.

     Those Secret Service agents who will sacrifice their own life in order to protect those they are assigned to shield, could one day,  very easily just happen to be 'looking the other way.'

Secret Service protecting President Reagan

     The Air Force jets flying shotgun for Air Force One, could one day, very easily break away from that assignment, and leave 'the big guy,' virtually on his own.




And then you have the CIA--no sane person would even want to venture a thought as to what they could do to alter your life's direction.




Getting rather cluttered under the bus Valerie................Tick Tock!   



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