Monday, June 3, 2013

Freak-Week, otherwise known as the George Zimmerman trial kicks off next week in Florida's Seminole County Courthouse
Bloodied and Broken nosed
The Accused:  George Zimmerman
Proudly displaying his golden smile
The Victim: Trayvon Martin

     Actually there are those who believe this is a kangaroo court trial which probably would have been better judiciously served if presided over by someone possessing a conscience similar to that of a Doctor Kermit Gosnell.

     Simply stated-- a freak show,  inspired by freaky people such as Cracker-jacks-box-certified -Reverend Al Sharpton, I-prefer-some-of-my-kids-out-of-wedlock-Reverend Jesse Jackson, and many other spotlight hams, including Cowgirl hat-wearing aficionado, Congresswoman-person-Frederica Wilson

     Zimmerman, a 29 year old Neighborhood Watch volunteer, is accused of firing a shot which killed 17-year-old Martin on Feb. 26 2012, after Zimmerman called police, describing the teenager as suspicious.

     Zimmerman says he shot Trayvon Martin in self-defense after the high school junior attacked him, pinned him to the ground, beat him and tried to take away Zimmerman's handgun.

     Jury selection will begin on Monday, June 10th.

      There will be only 24 seats available to the general public for what is expected to be a media spectacle, perhaps mirroring the O.J. Simpson trial, if for no other reason than racial implications, inspired by the above named 'freaks.'  Those interested in viewing this sideshow will have to toss their name into a hat for a lottery style drawing.

     Reportedly, "applicants must submit their name in person one day before the court date they'd like to attend.  Names will be drawn randomly and those selected will be notified by phone with instructions on where to pick up their visitor’s pass."

     Considering massive coverage expected to be generated by this trial, and a multitude of cameras beaming reports to every point on Earth, you can be sure to see the usual camera hogs in town.  Some are wondering if seat availability rules will apply to these race-baiters!
     No word yet whether the unofficial adoptive dad will be in town .

Regardless of guilt or innocence proven in this trial, an acquittal of George Zimmerman will most certainly change the landscape of Sanford, Florida.

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