Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Heros. Patriots. Incompetents.

     Director of National Intelligence James Clapper committed perjury when he testified before Congress that the National Security Agency did not knowingly obtain information from citizens.

     Ironically, The first  document revealed by whistle blower Edward Snowden
was a top secret court order issued by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court that granted a three-month renewal for a massive collection of American phone records.

     This latest unfolding scandal besieging the Obama Administration is still in its infancy.  Too early in fact to say if there are any real heroes or patriots, but one fact remains, and is very typical of a political positioning system corruptibly utilized in the United States of America's federal government. 

     We certainly have no shortage of INCOMPETENTS.  And leading the charge in this most egregious scandal against the American people, we have a feather-headed imbecilic man like James Clapper in charge of our most sensitive information.                               .
     Notice how another political hack--Tom Donilon--was quick to run interference for this inept buffoon.  And keep in mind my friends, these are the very people who are collecting as many as 3 billion phone numbers each day.

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