Sunday, June 2, 2013

Giving the New Black Panthers a 'pass' should have been justification to drive this 'cherry-picker' from any links to power in a FREE AMERICA!

     Americans have entrusted one of our most fundamental rights--freedom of the press--to probably the dumbest crop of naive hand puppets since those laugh-filled days when Punch took a round house swing at an air-headed June Cleaver-like Judy!
     Roger Aronoff, in an excellent article at Canada Free Press, articulates the dangers and hypocrisies of this on again, off again love affair between our beaten down media and a Cherry picking Attorney General, Eric Holder. (
Image from Obiter Dictum files
     Aronoff tells us, "The media had their big off-the-record meeting with Attorney General Eric Holder and his staff on Thursday, and immediately turned around and talked about what was discussed at the meeting. In effect, Holder threw sand in the eyes of the journalists who attended, and put himself in charge of fixing whatever they think needs fixing."   

     The writer concludes by stating an obvious truth, "At this point, Obama and Holder need each other. They each hold the others future in their hands. Neither could stand a truly independent examination of their recent actions and claims." Read Aronoff's article in its entirity at Canada Free Press, here:
     There are those who believe Holder's days at the Justice Injustice Department  are numbered.  Judge Jeanine Pirro offers a most logical conclusion to this scandalous chapter in America's history.

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