Thursday, June 3, 2010

America's chief law enforcer: A Cherry Picker

United States Attorney General Eric Holder



HOLDER--Move along.....there's nothing to see here. Thugs walk away freely with Holder's blessing.

A sea of humanity continues to illegally flow into this country making a mockery of our immigration laws

Holder--Condemn Arizona for approaching the problem by writing immigration laws, carbon copied from United States statues--But as the chief law enforcer of the land, refused to order execution of America's immigration policies. Move along--there's nothing to see here. Meanwhile thousand of illegals thumb their noses at U-S law and contribute to the destruction of this country by not respecting our laws and placing a monumental strain on an already vacant treasury.


Meanwhile, one of the greatest environmental accidents occurs in the Gulf of Mexico, and before even one dr op of escaping crude oil is stopped....our official CHERRY PICKER Attorney General rushed to the area to declare, there will be prosecutions if his department proves criminal wrongdoing on the part of BP Oil.

Move along folks--"There ain't nothin' to see here!"

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